Mini Barrel System Upgrade

29 April, 2019


After extensive trials and testing we've made some significant improvements to our mini barrel system, increasing their reliability and consistency as well as improving the quality of pour.

You should use the barrels exactly as before, though the trials did highlight the importance of taking off the tap after every session.

We would also advise that you open the tap fully to pour the beer.


Why Removing the Tap is So Important?

Inside the mini barrel is a canister of CO2 gas. When a tap is placed onto the barrel, the canister is opened, and gas enters a space above the beer and is held there under pressure. When the beer is poured, the gas pressure pushes the beer out and more gas enters the barrel. If the tap is kept on, then the gas, under pressure, may be absorbed by the beer. As the beer absorbs more and more CO2, the danger is it will become over-gassed so when you next pour, you'll get froth. There is also a risk that if the beer can absorb too much, then the gas canister may empty and there will not be enough gas to push beer out.

Removing the tap reduces the chance of the beer picking up too much CO2 and the barrel running out of gas to dispense the beer.