Open Weekend 2019 Details

24 May, 2019

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It's that time again. Our biennial charity open weekend is almost here. The dates are 29 & 30 June.


If you've been before then you'll know what a great event it is. For those who've not experienced it here's some key points...

The weekend is free. Entrance is free, beer is free and music is free. But as it is all for charity, we are taking donations on the door... All the money raised over the weekend will go to the local hospital charity, Scannappeal who raise funds that go towards vital scanning equipment. In 2017 we managed to raise an incredible £65,000! We run this weekend as a thank you, to you, our community. Without your constant support, we wouldn't be where we are today. 

  • Doors open at 11 on Saturday and Midday on Sunday.

  • Bars close at 5pm on both days.
  • We'll be serving our beer from 2 bars.
  • The shop is open both days (12-5 on Sunday) and will be selling wine and cider.
  • Our BBQ will be running all weekend where you can buy very tasty, freshly cooked food.
  • There will be live music all weekend. 
  • Talks about the brewery and the history of brewing run all weekend.
  • Don't forget to get an ice cream from the ice cream van...


CAR PARKING - We have lots of space on site, please don't use the local roads to park on, we're trying not to cause disruption to our neighbours. 

DROP OFF - If you are dropping off/being dropped off please come onto our site and let us direct you, we have an area on-site specially  made for quick drop off. This is to reduce congestion in the surrounding roads.

Both days run the same, however Saturday is by far the busier day and we'd encourage you to come on the Sunday if you'd like a bit more space. As in previous years we are asking you to only visit on one of the days to try and control numbers. have very kindly offered to take some aerial footage - look out for the results on social media in the weeks following the event. Their website is


Beers :

IPA - 3.7% Copper & Easy Drinking
Smuggler - 4.2% Amber & Hoppy
Barrel Roll - 4.2% Tawny & Hoppy
Blonde - 4.3% Golden & Refreshing
Roasted Nuts - 4.6% Deep Ruby & Fruity
Lager - 4.4% Crisp & Refreshing


Barbecue Menu:

Beef Burger £4.50
Cheese Burger £5.00
Cheese & Bacon Burger £5.50
Slow Roasted Pulled Pork £4.00
Rebellion Jumbo Sausage £4.00
Posh Dog (Sausage & Pulled Pork) £5.00
Spicy Bean Burger (V) £4.00
Halloumi Burger (V) £5.00
Vegan Burger (V) £5.00


Live Music Running Order:


12:00pm-1:20pm - Chiltern Concert Band
1:50pm- 3:10pm - DizzyFish
3:40pm - 5:00pm - Straight Eight


12:20pm- 1:30pm - The Sidemen
1:50pm-3:10pm - Reeve
3:40pm-5:00pm - Soundforce