Free Home Delivery

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Our brewery shop, drive-through and free home delivery service will remain open throughout November's lockdown

Beer to Your Door!

If you live within our delivery range you can now have beer and other products we sell delivered directly to your door by our draymen!

What started as a service created in response to the shop closing due to the Covid-19 pandemic has become a permanent and popular part of the brewery.


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To qualify for free delivery, your postcode must be within our delivery range and meet the minimum order of beer products.

Minimum Order of Beer Products:

Within 10 miles of the brewery - Minimum beer order £10
Between 10 & 17 miles of the brewery - Minimum beer order £30

If your postcode is outside of our delivery range or your order does not meet the minimum beer value, we will send the order via courier and you will be charged for shipping.


Check Your Postcode
The first time you visit the  online shop, after 11th August, you will see a popup which can check your postcode to find out if you're in range and what your minimum spend on beer is. This postcode will then be stored in your basket (You won't see the popup again until you refresh your cookies). If you need to change your delivery postcode, you can do this in the basket.
The basket has also been updated with a reminder letting you know if you are within free delivery range but are under the minimum beer order.
By entering your delivery postcode into the popup, or the basket, your shipping will be calculated before you start the checkout process, so you know the final price before filling in all of your details.

You can change your delivery postcode in the basket.


Any questions, please email us at or call on 01628 476594

Cheers and happy shopping